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WORTHCARGO Some new regulations for sea transportation exported to Malaysia - MALAYSIA LINE

Some new regulations for sea transportation exported to Malaysia

source: Worth Cargo   2023-09-21 16:11:01  
A. Do not accept the same box and use it in two or more bills of lading, that is: do not accept the partial bill.
B. Breakbulk Cargopment does not accept parallel;
C. The shipper, the consignee, and the notification person must provide complete information and display it on the bill of lading (including the company's name, address, city, and country). The address should be displayed at least 2 lines;
D. The shipper cannot be a company or individual in Malaysia;
E. The consignee must be a local company in Malaysia. If it is the to Order bill of lading, the notification party must be a local company in Malaysia; if it is a transshipment, the consignee must be displayed as the real consignee C/O Malaysia local company and provide the address of the Malaysian company;
F. If it is to order bill of lading, only one space can be retained between "To" and "Order";
G. to Pasir Gudang or Tanjung Pelepas, the bill of lading cannot show the transfer terms;
H. all the goods to Malaysia and the transit where they are here must provide 6 -bit HS Code; if it is mixed with a variety of goods and involves different HS CODE, please send Cargo information according to HS Code separated;
I. When transporting goods is a "car", you need to provide 1).  MAKER  2).  MODEL  3).  CHASSIS NUMBER  4).  Engine Number  5).  Use / New (U / N)  6).  ENGINE CC  7).  Year of manuality  8).  Country of Origin.