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Consolidated Cargo

Consolidated Cargo

WORTHCARGO Sea transportation

Consolidated Cargo

Consolidated Cargo

Sea transportation
WorthCargo International Lakes focuses on direct -patching enterprises. We guarantee that we can meet the transportation needs of guests in the fastest and most effective way.
We provide prose services that reach all parts of the world for customers with less than a whole box; our professional seller management and buyer services provide illustration services to buyers and sellers, and integrate the goods from different shippels in a container. Essence

"Pay attention to cost and timeliness, and guarantee the best transportation solution for customers"
"Our team has professional knowledge and rich operating experience."
"Pay attention to cost and timeliness, and guarantee the best transportation solution for customers"
"Services include: reservation, customs declaration, inspection, illustration, files, warehousing and related value -added services, dial -up and door -to -door transportation"

No matter where the goods are, our perfect network and standardized operation process guarantees customers with one -stop services. We can provide multiple ways to transport the front and back sections. We implement specialized cargo loading and loading services, and ensure providing stable and dense ship periods. With close cooperation with major shipping companies, we can provide customers with fast -tracking transportation services connecting around the world.
special service
• With rich illustrations and efficient operating processes
• The professional and experienced team serves you wholeheartedly
• There are more than 300 straight spraying points in the world
• Have a number of outstanding subsidiaries and high -quality and reliable destination port agents
• Transparent quotation system, standardized destination port charging standards
• In the main strategic areas, own its own modern warehouse
• Perfect quality management system
• 24 -hour cargo tracking query to escort your cargo.

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Are you worried about these issues from forwarder/logisic company when exporting/importing?

Shanghai WorthCargo International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Insufficient shipping/air lines resources
No guaranteed timeliness


Without strong capabilty
Lead to high transport expense


lack of transparency
Couldn't tracing exactly & timely

Service scope

Limited business scopes
Hard to meet more requests


Weak knowledage of import policy
Pass confused/incorrect message

After Sales

Double standard
Good pre-sales, terrible after-sales

Why Choose Us?

Shanghai WorthCargo International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Supporting the Belt and RoadBuild a top-tier freight forwarding brand domestically and aboard.

With the development of China's the Belt and Road strategy,

Worthcargo integrates brand Internet thinking, provides customers with better fright forwarding services

full supports Made in China going for the Globe.

Shanghai WorthCargo International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Service is Worthcargo's FoundationCompetence, professionalism, purpose

Customer trust is the responsibility of every employee

It is also a sustained driving force

Being responsible and fulfilling every customer's international freight requirements

This is the return for customer trust

Shanghai WorthCargo International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Professional Team with Quick Response Providing refined services with professional technology and modern management

Arranging stuitalbe sailing or flight by the export plan

Designing sotrage and distrubution solution by the requirments

Real-time reflecting shipment status

Improving transportation efficiency.

Shanghai WorthCargo International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Efficient, professional, and standardized managementGuarantee timely and high-quality delivery

Starting from customer requirments

Worthcargo designs one-on-one exclusive customsized logistic solution and assist clients to imporve efficiency & reduce risk.

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