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FBA E-Commerce

FBA E-Commerce

WORTHCARGO FBA cross-border e-commerce

FBA E-Commerce

FBA E-Commerce

FBA cross -border e -commerce

The global economic situation has undergone significant changes in the past year, and cross -border e -commerce has maintained rapid growth in various uncertainties. Its development trend is to create a closed -loop ecosystem for a complete and complete supply chain , Business transactions, cargo transportation, payment of telegram and receipt, and document exchange are no longer a single part of the entire supply chain. Global cross -border e -commerce has to mention the FBA services provided by Amazon and Amazon.
Amazon is the largest website shopping platform in the United States. Tens of thousands of goods are traded on the platform every day and distributed through Amazon logistics to buyers. Due to extremely high traffic and perfect customer experience, Amazon has become the preferred entrepreneurial sales platform for cross -border e -commerce. (Fullfillment by Amazon) is a cargo distribution logistics service provided by Amazon, that is, the buyer will deliver it after shopping through Amazon platform.
Amazon's FBA export plan enables sellers to extend its business to more than 100 countries without having to deal with the complexity of international sales. It is based on Amazon's logistics centers and truck transporters in Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico, and truck transportation suppliers to provide all resources and provide a complete supply chain service.
WorthCargo International Freight WorthCargo has established cross -border e -commerce products to support the needs of Asian sellers who use Amazon's global sales and other markets to sell products in the United States. It includes Amazon's international distribution, US electronic distribution facilities services, various electronic market distribution centers (DCs), and all related logistics services, which allows buyers to obtain a comprehensive shopping experience without worrying about the delivery of goods.

Word World Freight WorthCargo, as a cross -border e -commerce logistics company, has 8 years of experience. We have integrated domestic high -quality ship resources and rich overseas resources to provide customized FBA entire counter direct delivery services for cross -border e -commerce companies. We provide two types of routes in direct delivery and Dingti dedicated lines. We adopt Merison's positive class/overtime, and shipping companies such as Starboats, EMC, COSCO, and other shipping companies for maritime transportation. With our professional services, your goods will reach the target Amazon warehouse safely and quickly to achieve efficient logistics operations with zero transfer and zero loss.
If Amazon sellers choose to ship through Amazon logistics, they need to log in to their account in Amazon background, and choose FBA to ship. (The following is the relevant Amazon platform operation demonstration diagram)

FBA transport mode introduction
1) Air transport direct flight+truck delivery
The airports are fixed every week to airports such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, etc., and send the cargo to the designated Amazon warehouse through a special car at the destination airport customs clearance.
•High security: suitable for small -value small -scale goods, ensuring the safety of the back -end delivery
•Fast speed of the shelves: After 7 working days, you can enter the position and get on the shelves to facilitate the timely replenishment of the seller.
•Flexible and diverse: The flight plan can be formulated according to the specific requirements of the guests to meet different customer needs.
2) Direct shipping+truck delivery
Every week, Los Angeles, the United States, sends the cargo to the designated Amazon warehouse through a special car after clearance at the destination terminal.
•High security: suitable for large quantities of goods, guarantee the safety of the back -end delivery
•Fast speed of the shelves: 16-18 working days after sailing can be stored and settled to the shelves, which is convenient for sellers to replenish in time.
•Flexible and diverse: The flight plan can be formulated according to the specific requirements of the guests to meet different customer needs.
WorthCargo International Freight WorthCargor can also provide overseas warehouse services
•FBA product detection: product qualification rate/completeness of product accessories/product packaging and labels.
•FBA return bid replacement: receiving return and exchange/bidding processing/re -packaging/substitute Amazon service.

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