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What should Malaysia need to pay attention to?

source: Worth Cargo   2023-09-21 16:12:58  
Many friends choose international air transport transportation methods when shipping to Malaysia. Because although international air transport is higher than the cost of sea and iron, air transportation can achieve its fast, safe, and timely efficiency, which can achieve it, which can achieve it, which can achieve it, which can achieve it. The characteristics of shortening the delivery period can quickly reach Malaysia's destination.
First, Precautions from air transport from China to Malaysia
1. Be sure to explain the varieties, weight, size, and categories that need to be carried out to the company. The positions must be booked in advance, and the flight takeoff time and other information should be mastered.
2. Different packaging of air cargo varieties is different. When airlifting, the packaging should be made in accordance with the regulations of the airline. These should be clearly understood in advance. International logistics companies such as Tongdangfang Logistics Company will have services for packaging. Save a lot of work.
3. In addition to the outer address label of the outer packaging bag, try not to bring other unrelated logo. It is best to have a sign of fragmented products for fragile products.
Second, the general process from air to Malaysia
Consultation quotation → Submit air transport attorney → booking aviation cabin position → checking bills and other information → delivery to the airport warehouse → declaration → making airport export expenses bills → cargo air operation tracking.