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Where do the goods exported to Indonesia need special attention?

source: Worth Cargo   2023-09-21 16:13:43  
1. Description of goods
Indonesia and our country have different understanding of the rules of origin signed by both parties. Indonesia Customs believes that they must note the models of each product and manufacturer name in each product in the description bar. With such requirements, there are many inconvenience to corporate visa. Therefore, we need to note that the product name must be detailed, and the general vagueness is unreasonable. When applying, the loading form and the items on the invoice are strictly listed in accordance with the customs clearance of customs customers, and at the same time, it is entered into the manufacturer's name in the cargo description bar. For example, "Machine" (machine), "Garment" (clothes), "Good" (goods), "Clothing" (clothes) are all general expressions! The bill of lading cannot be so general!
2. Transportation route
Before the freight, the enterprise shall communicate with the freight agency in a timely manner and verify the transportation route. Some ship companies did not inform them for transit transportation. In addition, even if it is transferred from the third place, the shipping company does not provide a two -way bill of lading. It only issues a joint shipping bill of lading. The company does not know the transfer information, so that it cannot provide relevant certificates to the import of the country, causing a certificate. Especially if the enterprise is transferred from Hong Kong reasonably, it is necessary to apply to the Hong Kong Chinese inspection company in accordance with the real application and apply for a proof of no processing; when customs declaration in Indonesia, Form E and the material need to be submitted at the same time. Or the company directly explained to the shipping company when ordering, and only settled in Indonesia and did not take over the transit shipments. According to the shipping company, the cost of booking is about 10%higher than the transfer, but this can ensure the implementation of tariff discounts for the land.
3. Origin
According to the feedback from the Customs Certificate Department and customers, the Indonesian Original Certificate of Original Placement Customs is relatively often.
I question the direct transportation rules. According to the relevant provisions of Article 8 of the China-ASEAN Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Orientation, if the cargo is suspended from the third place outside China and ASEAN member states, the "Unprovable Certificate" shall be provided to prove that the goods are not processed or sold during the transfer. Due to the routes and shipping companies, some goods were suspended in Hong Kong, and many export companies did not apply for the "Unprovable Certificate" in a timely manner, which caused the backlog of Indonesia's port to the goods of the goods, which encountered the Indonesian refund inquiry.
II questioned invoice information. The content of the question includes the reporting value of the goods and the information such as the name, specifications, and model descriptions on the invoice.
III questioned the standard of origin of the goods. Indonesia Customs has questioned the proportion of domestic ingredients of enterprise export products, and requires the inspection and quarantine departments to verify whether the standard of origin is consistent with the content of the certificate. What's more, the visa officer's handwriting will be questioned.
Therefore, when issuing a origin certificate, try to avoid the above errors and let guests clear the customs clearance.
Fourth, invoice information
4. Customs clearance invoice information should be accurate, and special invoice numbers and date should be checked. You cannot follow the customer's requirements blindly in columns such as the amount of invoice. Don't blindly follow the guests to make the amount of invoice low! Don't blindly follow the guests to make the amount of invoice low! The intermediate business trade involved in the third country must be truthfully filled in, and the third -party invoice is cleared. The first is to fill in the third -party invoice number and date as required. The address, you need to check the "Third Party Invoicing" option.
5. The information of the head should be exactly the same as that of the actual packaging of the actual cargo. The words made by areas or countries outside China must not appear, nor the words of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. If there is no head, you should enter "N/M '. There are special patterns on the head. You need to print A4 paper and mark the certificate number, declaration and visa date at the corresponding location, and stamp the corporate seal as an attachment.