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Overseas Relocation

Overseas Relocation

WORTHCARGO International moving service

Overseas Relocation

Overseas Relocation

International moving service

Fast, convenient, low cost
Relying on its own business advantages in the international maritime and air transport industry, our company develops the import and export business of private baggage in international private luggage into a professional service tailored for customers. According to the characteristics of private items Essence At the same time, you can provide custom transport packaging, on -site pickup, inland transportation,
warehousing, customs declaration and inspection, fumigation and other one -stop services.

When entering and leaving the country, it will always be depressed for carrying too many personal belongings. Carrying with you is too dragged, but it is difficult to accept the consignment costs arranged by the airline. As a first -level agent specializing in international cargo transportation, our company will arrange for your items to be quickly, convenient, and low -cost. It will be sent abroad to save your inconvenience during the journey and save unnecessary costs. Make your journey easier and happy! It can provide services from China to the world from all over the world, and provide professional private items transportation services for the majority of studying abroad, immigration personnel and foreign students, foreign staff, embassy staff and family members.
The transportation of private items is not limited by the number, weight, and volume, and the class is fixed and the price is low. The use of container transportation can ensure the safety of your goods. You don't have to handle complex procedures in person. Our company will send professional personnel and teams to serve you.

Sea transport private items are charged at a volume, with a minimum billing volume of 3 cubic meters and more than three cubic meters. It is calculated at the actual volume. The minimum billing volume of the sparse port of some routes will be higher than 1 cubic meter;
The overall accumulation of each ticket is calculated according to the volume of each single outer packaging.

Choose a port
•Services from Hong Kong: From Shanghai Port to Destination, near ports
•Services to the door: Delivery from Shanghai to destination (the specific address of the destination port and the number of pieces, weight, and size of the goods of the destination port are required to be priced. cost.)
Determine the charge according to different selected services
Choose the boat period that is suitable for your time
•Canada (Basic Harbor: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal) open a boat every week
•Australia (Basic Hong Kong: Sydney, Melbourne) opens a boat every Saturday
•New Zealand (Basic Harbor: Auckland) opens a boat every Sunday
Please call inquiries in ports in other countries.
Class and customs declaration
It is necessary to come to our company in writing a week in advance and fill in the reservation attorney (★ must provide an accurate contact method of destination, write all the freight on the attorney to prepare for future confirmation)
If you need to get insurance, write the estimated value on the list and sign it. Please bring the following document declaration:
•If you go abroad for immigration: Please bring your passport, visa, new shopping invoice, detailed item list, volume and estimated weight list
•If you are a resident of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau: Please bring Taiwan compatriots (or residence permits), study or work certificate, new shopping invoice, item list, volume and estimated weight list
•If you are a foreigner: Please bring your passport, visa, new shopping invoice, departure certificate (original) detailed item list (required signature), volume and estimated weight list
•Tourism purchase goods (only foreign personnel)
Passport, visa, customs declaration attorney, detailed list of goods (required), invoices, foreign exchange redeeming water lists.
Note: The above documents must be provided. This stipulates that the customs will be implemented from January 1, 2002.

deliver goods
Put the location and time on the delivery notice to the designated warehouse
Payment, picking up the bill
Turn to pay a day to pay a day, take the withdrawal (if there is an insurance policy to take it together, the invoice does not include the premium), and remove the passport or document after the declaration
Destination Hong Kong
When the ship arrives at the destination port, the local agency will notify you that you can also check the Hong Kong information from the company on the day of the shipping of the port on the day when the ship is coming to the port. Pick up the goods. If the consignee does not withdraw the goods within 3 days of working days, the storage fee will be incurred, and the consignee will be responsible for itself.
The port of the port clear customs passport must be consistent with the customs clearance passport of Qiyun Port and carry the list of English goods.

Guide to pick up goods for private goods and goods:
•The goods that our company is carried out as the consignee is 2-3 days before the ship to the destination. The communication method can be connected on the working day. At the same time, the consignee can also take the initiative to check the goods from the destination port to the destination port before the ship arrives at the port.
•If the goods have been confirmed to arrive in Hong Kong, the consignee can contact our agent to exchange orders and pay the payment matters, and then the consignee can entrust the customs bank to check the customs clearance procedures, or may also entrust our company's destination port agent to handle it to handle Essence
•Customs clearance is no longer the scope of our company, and the costs incurred should be settled separately with the unit entrusted by the consignee.
•After handling the goods clearance and the entry -related expenses of the agent to our agency, the consignee can bring the D/O single to the company's designated warehouse to pick up the goods. E. Note that the port clearing passport must be consistent with the consignee marked by the bill of lading and prepare a detailed list of English goods. The ports of the customs documents are different, and the local customs requirements shall prevail.
•If our company is required to do the door, the consignee should send the documents required to the clearance to our agency in advance. After the customs clearance, our agent will send the goods to the designated place at the designated place, but the prepaid payment fee only includes the car only includes the car. The cost of delivery should be paid separately to the driver's corresponding handling costs if you need to move.

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