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Customer Cases

Customer Cases

WorthCargo International cooperates with well -known home building materials enterprises to help customers perform their performance

source: Worth Cargo   2023-09-23 09:25:28  

Customers have an ambitious global strategic growth plan, which requires us to provide support. It is planned to include entering the new market and expand its scope of e -commerce products.
Customers hope to improve the overall customer experience and reduce the service cost and implementation cost of seamless delivery. The problem that needs to be solved is the long -term delivery time, high inventory depth, and aging of redundant production lines. Only by solving these problems can we achieve the target of customers' rapid sales growth.
We use key actions to meet customer expectations
In order to support the establishment of local new outlets, we have deployed operating experts worldwide, which also means that we can perform cross -regional performance centers that can operate a specific business flow for customers.
By sharing the best practice, we have used standardized warehousing design and standard operating procedures (SOP) templates to achieve seamless implementation. We are highly flexible, so we can meet the needs of regional customers through customer and smart warehouse management systems.
We have achieved multi -channel outlet coverage and service capabilities, which can fully support customers' online sales strategies.
After fully implementing all the suggestions we put forward, the client has achieved 200% growth in the first 12 months of operation.
The current total warehousing space of the customer is 180,000 square meters, which can complete the picking and delivery of large and small delivery orders in five countries and regions.
The overall package order delivery time has been reduced from 9 days to 3 days.
The average storage week of the inventory decreased by 25%, while the order -available product series generally increased by 20%.